A Werewolf’s Curse


When the need to claim their mates overwhelms these wolves, the MacGregor and Kelly werewolves must brave a fierce blizzard and come face-to-face with the witch’s curse that’s plagued their families for decades. Can they convince their mates that they belong together before it is too late?

Each short, but sizzling, 17,500 to 18,000-word novella in the series A Werewolf’s Curse is about a different couple and has explicit sexual content, graphic language and a happy ending. The stories happen concurrently over a twenty-four hour period with an overarching plot thread and should be read in order. 


Protected By the Wolf: A Werewolf's Curse #1 (Brad and Julie's Story) - April 16, 2015

NOW FREE!! Brad and Julie’s Story – Released April 16, 2015

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Julie Richards has fantasized about deliciously handsome, younger man Brad MacGregor, ever since she moved to the small mountain town, but believes he deserves someone closer to his age, sexier and without the baggage of her stalker ex-husband. When he is close, though, she forgets all the reasons why it would never work between them.

Little does she know, Brad has a secret too.

Brad is a werewolf, who knows voluptuous Julie is meant to be his mate. Despite the curse haunting his family, he can’t resist the need to be with her, claim her. But every time he thinks he is getting closer to her, she turns away.

When a fierce blizzard hits, he seizes the opportunity to show her how he can look after her and protect her. With luck, he also hopes to convince her that he is the perfect man—and beast—for her. After all, she isn’t the only one who has been kept awake at night by naughty fantasies and dreams of something more.

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Saved By the Wolf: A Werewolf's Curse #2 (Alanna and Jacob's Story) - May 7, 2015

Alanna and Jacob’s Story – Released May 7, 2015


Alanna knows she shouldn’t be driving in a blizzard, but after being rejected by the man—or, rather, the werewolf—she’s in love with, she isn’t making the best decisions. So it is humiliating that when she hits a slippery spot on the road and finds herself in a ditch with no prospect of help, she has no one else to call but the wolf who crushed her heart—Jacob Kelly.

Upon hearing she is stuck on the side of a road in freezing conditions, mountain rescue specialist and leader of his wolf pack Jacob knows he has to find the headstrong witch and make sure she is safe. Alanna belongs to the coven that cursed his family, so she should know better than anyone why he should never mate, but there is only so much a man can deny himself. When he gets her home, he might need to check her all over for injuries, discipline her for taking such a risk with her own life, and show her how dangerous his attraction to her is…

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Seduced By the Wolf: A Werewolf's Curse #3 (Sam and Chad's Story) - May 28, 2015

Sam and Chad’s Story – Released May 28, 2015

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Sam Barnet and her sexy boss Chad Kelly are werewolf hunters—well, without the rifles and the camouflage. They have dedicated the last six years to finding the elusive creatures, but lately Sam has sensed a change. Her attraction to Chad has exploded recently and although she heads up the research side of their endeavor, her rational explanations aren’t making much sense of her erotic thoughts.

But that isn’t going to get in her way. They have werewolves to find.

And find them she does…

Not only does she come face to face with a pack of werewolves in the middle of a blizzard, but she makes an even more startling discovery—Chad is one of them and he thinks she is destined to become his mate. Now she is faced with a decision: Should she keep her scientific distance or surrender to her desires?


Wanted By the Wolf: A Werewolf's Curse #4 (Jeff & Kathy's Story) - June 18, 2015

Jeff & Kathy’s Story – Released June 18, 2015

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When her sexy werewolf boyfriend Jeff Kelly tells her that he needs to return to his wolf pack immediately, Kathy Matthews trusts his intuition, so why can’t she trust her own? Haunted by a crappy former relationship, she still can’t commit to the wonderful man who wants to claim her as his mate and her children as his own. She keeps waiting for something to go wrong and for her heart to be broken all over again.
Jeff loves Kathy and is determined to do anything to make her feel safe and cherished. He knows he can’t rush her and that she isn’t ready to offer anyone, even him, her heart yet. Still, he would give anything to have her say she loves him too, just once.
When they get snowed in at his small hometown, Kathy comes face to face with her worst fears. Jeff is willing to sacrifice everything to protect her and show her she is his one and only, but will it be enough?

Pursued By the Wolf: A Werewolf's Curse #5 (Lisa and Carson's Story) - July 9, 2015

Lisa and Carson’s Story – Released July 9, 2015

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Having been abandoned as a baby, Lisa Stuart learned long ago that she needed something more than hollow declarations to turn her head and her heart. So why can’t the curvy witch remember that when Carson MacGregor is around? The sexy werewolf is the embodiment of temptation and everything that got her mother in trouble all those years ago.

He thinks she is his mate, but she needs more proof that he is interested in her, and that it isn’t just about pheromones and sizzling kisses. Unfortunately, the full moon seems to be messing with her as much as him this month, and she can’t seem to keep her hands to herself around the sexy wolf, who she used to call her own.

Can she risk surrendering to his sweet promises just this once?

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A bundle of the five A Werewolf's Curse stories - July 14, 2015

A bundle of the five A Werewolf’s Curse stories – Released July 14, 2015

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The MacGregor and Kelly werewolves enjoy a steamy 24 hours when a blizzard and the culmination of a witch’s curse force them to come face-to-face with their curvy mates! These deliciously sexy alpha males each find their happy endings with their own beautiful women, but how can they conquer the curse?

This is the complete compilation of the five short novellas in A Werewolf’s Curse series, which are also published as singles. It includes:
• Protected By the Wolf
• Saved By the Wolf
• Seduced By the Wolf
• Wanted By the Wolf
• Pursued By the Wolf

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