Mannix Dragon Shifters


Dragons need mates. Without them, they will go rogue and harm both the dragon and human communities. But after years of anti-dragon propaganda, women refuse to volunteer to be mated to the dragon pairs, which means desperate measures must be taken to find mates for the men. They only need one woman to mate with two dragon shifters… it should be simple… but nothing is ever simple when it comes to mating…

Beware: These are sexy stories with happy endings… they include explicit scenes of MFM menage between a curvy woman and her two dragons.


Their Runaway Mate: Mannix Dragon Shifters #1 (Jasmine, Kylan and Dillon's Story) - October 20, 2015 Mannix Dragon Shifters Series #1

Jasmine, Kylan and Dillon’s Story Released October 20, 2015

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Two Dragons, One Runaway Mate

When Jasmine discovers she’s been sacrificed to the dragons as part of a new Dragon Agreement, old fears surge through her and she flees in a panic. Elected by her neighbors to be given to the winged beasts, her life is no longer her own. She evades capture by the mob of creatures who descend upon her house to kidnap her, only to be unwittingly nabbed by one her first night as a fugitive.

She is surprised to discover Kylan, the sexy dragon leader who finds her, isn’t what she expects, nor is his drool-worthy second-in-command, Dillon. Instead of forcing her to mate with them, they swear to protect her from the others until they investigate how she could have been chosen without her consent.

She risked life and limb to run from dragons after being selected, but now she wonders what type of life they could offer her. When they suggest she get to know them and consider being their mate, she finds their offer more temptation than she can resist…

Could being a mate to two seductive dragons be just what she was destined for?

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Snowbound at Solstice: Mannix Dragon Shifters #2 A Christmas novella (Holly, Ryder and Garryck's Story) - December 9, 2015 This novella was first released in the Sugar, Spice and Shifters box set.

Holly, Ryder and Garryck’s Story – December 9, 2015

Her Second Chance with Two Dragons

Holly rejected Ryder and Garryck’s invitation to join with them years ago and has regretted that decision ever since. Then one snowy winter solstice, their lives become tangled again when the sexy dragons discover someone has been threatening her. As the menacing threats escalate and they vow to protect her, her desire for them burns hotter than ever but will they still want her?

Will they be able to save her in time to enjoy their happily ever after?

Note: This story was originally published in the Sugar, Spice and Shifters Box Set.

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Calla, Xander and Kolz’s story – March 28, 2017

She makes a deal with the enemy… What could go wrong?

Calla has to protect herself. She doesn’t have a choice. The stupid councilors have dreamed up a bogus assignment, just to send her to Dragon Country… alone… with the expectation she won’t be coming back. But she has a plan: she’ll seduce two dragons before she leaves.

With their scents on her, no other dragon will come near her…

Except the sexy and powerful dragons have different plans. They aren’t interested in pretending. They want to take a mate. Her.

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