Lothian Werewolves


The werewolves in Little Lothian are adapting to life after the witch’s curse. New wolves and witches are drawn the community… and their mates… but the path to true love and happily-ever-after isn’t always smooth…

The Lothian Werewolves series is set in the same world as A Werewolf’s Curse series, but the stories can be read independently as standalones.


A Wolf's Protection: Lothian Werewolves #1 (Adam and Mary's Story) April 2016

Adam and Mary’s Story – Released April 2016

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When his past threatens his future—his mate—he vows to protect her at all costs.

After Mary Winston is attacked by a rogue werewolf pack and a malicious witch, she turns to the one man she knows will keep her safe—Adam Sinclair, the sexy werewolf who is also her boss at the Mad Dog Saloon. Not only has she been drawn to him from the first time she met him, she trusts him more than any other person in her life.

Could she be his mate?

Although Adam’s wolf is indifferent to Mary, his curvy waitress, the man in him wants her… is attracted to her like no other. When he discovers it’s his past threatening her, he vows to protect her at all costs. But will it be enough?
This hot and sexy 40,000-word novella has sexual content, graphic language and a happy ending. 


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