Mask of Desire


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Mask of Desire: Masquerade Curves #1 (Becca and Trent's Story) - October 9, 2014

Mask of Desire: Masquerade Curves #1 (Becca and Trent’s Story) – October 9, 2014

Becca wants to know if her sexy boss could ever be attracted to a curvy girl like her, and a masquerade party is the perfect opportunity to find out! Feeling bold in her disguise, their flirtations quickly escalate until his kisses leave her breathless and wanting more. With a pounding heart, she agrees to go to his hotel room, but then he asks her to remove her mask.

But if she reveals herself now, then she risks everything…


This short, but hot and sexy, 14,500-word novella has explicit sexual content, graphic language, light bondage, and a happy for now ending. Each Masquerade Curves short novella can be read as a stand-alone story. Mask of Desire is the first in a two-story series.

~~”How many wishes will you grant me?”~~

His hand crept up until it came to the rising mound of her breast. Her fingers curled into the fabric of his sleeve, but she didn’t stop him. She couldn’t. In that moment, she wanted his hands on her more than anything else.

“Tell me your wish and I will see if I can grant it.” Her words were followed by a tremulous sigh she couldn’t suppress.

His thumb brushed the underside of her breast through her costume and she shuddered. Her nipples puckered, popping against the halter-top. She pressed against him. He brushed her nipple and she shuddered.

She’d fantasized about his touch, and now that she’d had this one small taste, she wanted more. His gaze was still locked on hers, watching her every reaction as he toyed with her. Her hands fisted in his shirt as a ripple of want rolled over her…


Masquerade Curves


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