Sanctuary Lake


Brothers by choice more than anything else, the Randall brothers return to Sanctuary Lake after their sister dies. Forced to face a past they’d rather forget, they soon discover that this small lake community is still as twisted and sinister as they all remember. But it is also where they will find the women they need…


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Trust Me (Sanctuary Lake #1) coming in October 2016.

Trust Me (Sanctuary Lake #1) released October 10, 2016.

He has tried to stay away. He knows she is too good for him. But everything changes when she turns to him for help…

Years ago, when she was a teenager, Anna had a crush on Mason, her best friend’s brother, but she tried to ignore and forget her interest in him… especially after he scoffed at her and pushed her away. But, now, when she turns to him for help following his sister’s death, she’s drawn to him all over again.

This time, though, the attraction appears to be mutual… and temptation may be more than they can resist…


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Forgive Me (Sanctuary Lake #2) coming in October 2016. It will first be released in the Crazy Cat Lady box set.

Forgive Me (Sanctuary Lake #2) released October 11, 2016 in the Crazy Cat Ladies box set. It is now available as an individual release.


He hasn’t forgotten her. He still wants her. If only she’ll forgive him for breaking her heart…

Grady Randall isn’t happy about being back in Sanctuary Lake until he discovers his new neighbor is the one woman he’s never forgotten, Rachel Connors. Her sister calls her a crazy cat lady, but she’s never looked better to him… all dimples and sexy curves.

When the neighbor’s cat deposits a severed finger on Rachel’s doorstep, the last thing she expects is that it’ll bring Grady back into her life. He shattered her heart when they were teenagers, but now she finds herself turning to him when a menacing stranger shows up at her door one stormy night. Can their reunion and reignited attraction survive the night or will the murderer strike again?


*Previously released in the Crazy Cat Ladies box set**





Temporarily out of print… re-release coming soon!


Forgive Me (Sanctuary Lake #2) released March 15, 2017 in the Hot Silver Nights box set. It will be available soon as an individual release.

When friends with benefits becomes something more…
She’s a witness afraid for her life. But when she flees to her family’s cabin in Sanctuary Lake, Kayla doesn’t expect to find Aiden waiting for her—as sexy and tempting as ever. And he makes it clear he’s prepared to protect her, no matter what.


**Previously released in the Hot Silver Nights anthology**