Saved By the Wolf



Saved By the Wolf: A Werewolf's Curse #2 (Alanna and Jacob's Story) - May 7, 2015

Saved By the Wolf: A Werewolf’s Curse #2 (Alanna and Jacob’s Story) – May 7, 2015

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Alanna knows she shouldn’t be driving in a blizzard, but after being rejected by the man—or, rather, the werewolf—she’s in love with, she isn’t making the best decisions. So it is humiliating that when she hits a slippery spot on the road and finds herself in a ditch with no prospect of help, she has no one else to call but the wolf who crushed her heart—Jacob Kelly.

Upon hearing she is stuck on the side of a road in freezing conditions, mountain rescue specialist and leader of his wolf pack Jacob knows he has to find the headstrong witch and make sure she is safe. Alanna belongs to the coven that cursed his family, so she should know better than anyone why he should never mate, but there is only so much a man can deny himself. When he gets her home, he might need to check her all over for injuries, discipline her for taking such a risk with her own life, and show her how dangerous his attraction to her is…


Her words thrilled his wolf and lured him closer. He didn’t stop until he was a mere inch or two from her, towering over her enticingly lush body. He grabbed the two halves of her zipper and zipped her parka up to her chin, hiding her precious vulnerable form. She tilted back to gaze into his eyes, exposing her neck to him in the most enticing way. Her mouth dropped open slightly as her gaze drifted down his face to land on his lips. He leaned forward, eager to taste her for the first time. She didn’t retreat. When her breath fanned across his face, he dropped his hands to his side.

She whispered his name and placed her hand on his chest. Her heated touch on his cold skin seared him like a brand. Her attention still lingered on his mouth, and the hot need to possess her shot through him.

Take her. Kiss her.

She rose up on her toes, minimizing the scant distance between her lips and his. Her eyes fluttered shut, leaving her at his mercy. Trusting him.

An unwelcome sense of duty slammed through him.

“Go back to town, Alanna.”


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