Their Runaway Mate


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Their Runaway Mate: Mannix Dragon Shifters #1 (Jasmine, Kylan and Dillon's Story) - October 20, 2015 Mannix Dragon Shifters Series #1

Their Runaway Mate: Mannix Dragon Shifters #1 (Jasmine, Kylan and Dillon’s Story) – October 20, 2015
Mannix Dragon Shifters Series #1

When Jasmine is unwillingly sacrificed to the dragons, she flees. On her first night as a fugitive, she meets Kylan, a deliciously sexy man who promises her shelter for the night. Too late, she discovers he is one of them: a dragon shifter. He is full of sex-appeal, muscle and heat. Dillon, his dragon partner, is just as captivating. They swear to protect her while investigating her wrongful sacrifice, but they also sense she is a potential mate and set out to show her how good things could be. Their hot kisses and enticing caresses could be more temptation than she can resist.

Could being a mate to two seductive dragons be what she was destined for all along?

Beware: This is an explicitly sexy 52,000-word novel for adults who enjoy reading about a BBW and her two dragons. Happy ending included.

Note: An excerpt of this novel was originally published in the Dark & Stormy Alpha Night multi-author box set.


EXCERPT (More excerpts posted on Book+Main Bites)

“So we have two weeks.” Dillon crossed the kitchen to her. He closed the distance between them, until his broad muscular body was only a few inches from hers.

Wow, he was even more handsome at this proximity. His dark hair fell over his forehead as he tilted his head toward her. She wanted to touch the stray hair, confirm if it was as silky as it appeared.

“During that time,” Dillon continued, “will you let us try to persuade you to…?” He let the suggestive implication dangle in front of her.

“Persuade me to do what?” Was he really proposing what she thought he was?

While she’d been focused on Dillon, his partner had approached her from behind. Although Kylan didn’t touch her, he stood close enough that heat cascaded off him and warmed her back. The two men were so tall, big… powerful. No one had made her feel petite before, but these men did. And safe. She’d never felt this safe with anyone before. She’d always had to protect herself.

“What he means is,” Kylan whispered in her ear, “will you allow the possibility of mating with us? We want to get to know you better.”

Her skin tingled at his seductive tone. “As in sex?”

Dillon’s eyes twinkled. “Or you could call it mind-blowing bliss.”
Her body throbbed at the promise. She’d only be here for two weeks and then she could leave at the end—no, not could, she would leave at the end. Her life was waiting for her, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy herself for a bit. A little holiday with two smoking hot men sounded pretty damn awesome.

“Kylan is still going to approach the Dragon Council about reversing what’s happened, right?”

“Can’t we enjoy our time together until that happens?” Dillon’s gaze settled on her lips.

She fought the desire to lick them, entice him.

“How would that work? With both of you? At the same time?” Her voice trembled, betraying how interested she was in the proposition. She’d heard rumors about dragons and their lovers. Were they true?


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